The New Primus FireHole 300

Primus FireHole 300

Primus, a Swedish innovator of multi-fuel and hyper-efficient camp stoves, lanterns, cookware and headlamps introduces their new FireHole 300 Stove to the hunting industry. Primus has been outfitting worldwide hunting and wilderness expeditions for over 100 years and continues to innovate and develop some of the finest outdoor gear available.

For too long, all 2-burner stoves were exactly the same. With innovations like an on-board light and cook timer, integrated fuel line, utensil set that attaches to the lid, and recessed control knobs; the new Primus FireHole 300 sets a new standard across the market, and will soon become an icon for all hunters. Hunters who want a good breakfast to start off the day or a hearty meal after a long hunt won’t want to be caught without the FireHole 300 Stove.

FireHole 300 Stove Specifications

Weight: 14.76 lbs.
Heat: 2 x 12000 BTU/h
Boiling Time: 3 minutes
Burn Time: 85 minutes on 8.1 oz gas cartridge
Ignition: battery powered
Dimensions: 19.9″ x 4.9″
Serves: 1-9 people
MSRP: $295

Get your Primus FireHole 300 here!

ABOUT PRIMUS: An outdoor gear innovator for more than 100 years, Primus creates premium hunting and backcountry equipment for true outdoor enthusiasts. The Primus collection includes stoves, lanterns, cookware and headlamps. Primus is distributed through the Brunton Group.

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