The Way to Paint-Up FMP Style!


If you would like to learn some bow setup techniques, stay tuned as I will post some good videos that I have found. As it is a little better to see and follow it visually, rather than read text.


You heard Anthony talk about this on BowCast many times. Shawn “Launch” Monsen,  got around to videotaping the actual application of CamoFX.


As you’ll see, this is wax based, easy on, and VERY easy off.  No more getting your fingers oily and greasy, no more paint running when you start to sweat…..and you can get this stuff on in a heartbeat on the final minutes of your stalk.


Right now the applicator is available in Realtree APG, and retails for $6.99.


For more info, visit


This video is on “The New School Way to Paint Up.” Check out the short video below.  


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