Velocitip and Geeks Converge

Velocitip Docking StationMy good friend Brady Miller is an avid tournament archer, bowhunter and all around archery geek! Brady and I were discussing how we tune our bows prior to hunting season. We came across this great new technology, that takes the guess work out of what your arrow is doing downrange.

With our finding, archery geeks everywhere should check out the Velocitip from Full Flight Technology. Velocitip is an electronic bow tuning device, a field point with a brain that records all the data from the bow as it is being shot into a target.

Some of the information it records includes launch and impact speeds, arrow drag, momentum, kinetic energy, as well as energy retained-excellent fro use in comparing bow performance and arrow spine.

The included docking station allows immediate download and display-of-flight is precisely recorded in milliseconds. It is completely portable for indoor and outdoor use (not recommended for using in rain or snow). The handheld device plugs into a computer so you can check all the data. It is available in U.S. or Metric unites. If you are a archery geek like Brady and I, or own a archery shop, this is the perfect product for you!

• Records Arrow Drag to Precisely Measure Launch & Impact Speed and Energy (+1.5%)
• Only system to measure Retained Energy for use in comparing bow performance and arrow spine
• Precisely records time-of-flight in milliseconds
• Completely portable for indoor or outdoor use (not for use in rain or snow)
• Works with all conventional targets
• U.S. and Metric units (user selectable)
• Each Velocitip electronic field point is Made in the U.S.
• Memory Capacity: Stores calculated ballistic values for over 200 shots

You can get more information on the Velocitip from their Facebook Page!

Velocitip Field Tip

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