Venison Recipe by Stacy Lyn Harris Featured in Outdoor News

Stacy Lyn HarrisPlymouth, Minn. —As a best selling cookbook author, blogger, speaker and TV host, Stacy Lyn Harris is fast-becoming a household name in the culinary world, and in August editions of Outdoor News, readers are treated to a recipe by Stacy Lyn featuring venison.

Stacy Lyn considers herself a wife and mother of seven children foremost, and her recipe for “Fair Day Venison Corn Dogs” is a recipe that Outdoor News readers will value as a wild game take on this County Fair staple. Additionally, her recipe that publishes in August editions of Outdoor News will resonate with hunters who appreciate simplicity. After years of living sustainably, learning lessons and taking notes along the way, Stacy Lyn has dedicated herself to passing on her knowledge of land and home to a growing number of people — both men and women — yearning to do the exact same thing. Through homeschooling her children, raising livestock, hunting wild game, growing and preserving fruits and vegetables, and making all of her family’s meals completely from scratch, Stacy Lyn breaks down the veritable corn dog including tips on how to perfect the dipping process and what ingredients compliment wild venison.

The “Fair Day Venison Corn Dogs” recipe can be found in the Outdoor News column titled the Taste of the Wild, which shares a digital compliment under the Cooking tab at Through this contribution, Stacy Lyn joins a robust lineup of experienced chefs and authors who have shared tips and recipes in the Outdoor News’ Taste of the Wild, which maintains a focus on wild edibles, wild game, and fresh fish that are predominately found in the Great Lakes states of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York.

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