Victory Archery Offers a Small Diameter Arrow With A Big Punch with RIP Series Arrows

With the RIP series Victory Archery has developed a high performance hunting arrow that is trusted by outdoorsman and professionals across the globe. Like all Victory Archery arrows, these come spine aligned by the dozen and boast some of the tightest straightness tolerances of any arrows in the industry. The Elite version sets the industry standard at ±.001”, while the more economical Gamer and Sport versions offer tolerances of ±.003” and ±.006”. Combine those stats with guaranteed weight tolerances of ±0.5 GR matched specifically for each dozen arrows and you’ll consistently hit your mark, whether you’re doing some target practice or staring down your next trophy in the field.

The RIP series is a .206 small diameter shaft made of 100% high modulus carbon for a deadly combination of speed and penetration while reducing wind drift. The result? Extreme accuracy. The exterior of the arrow features Victory Archery’s famous ICE™ Nano Ceramic Coating that maximizes penetration when hunting and makes for easy removal, shot after shot. RIP arrows feature Victory Archery’s MAXXKE Technology with an advanced 3K carbon weave so your arrows fly with less torque and faster in-flight recovery. These arrows are popular choice for hunters looking for consistent accuracy and unbeatable durability in a small diameter arrow. The RIP series arrows are available with spines from 300-800 and come set up from the factory with SHOK® outsert broadhead adapters.

Trust the Carbon Arrow Experts
To get the best, call The Carbon Arrow Experts at Victory Archery. Victory produces the world’s highest performing carbon arrows for hunting and target shooting, period. Whether you’re looking for speed, precision, durability or momentum – Victory Archery has the perfect arrows to get the job done.

Victory leads the industry when it comes to arrow innovation using carbon weave technology, creating true arrow flight with minimal torque, ICE Nano-Ceramic coating for easy arrow pulling, and digitally aligned spines for supreme consistency. Don’t settle for less. Make sure you’re packing out that trophy by trusting the Carbon Arrow Experts. Hunt like you mean it with the RIP arrows from Victory Archery, and you’re sure to have victory in sight.

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