Wanna Hunt On Sundays?

Tomorrow on Monday, January 31, 2011, the Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee of the Virginia State Senate will consider Senate Bill 850, which seeks to allow hunters in Virginia the freedom to hunt on Sundays.

In Virginia, as well as in the 10 other states that restrict or prohibit Sunday hunting, all other sporting activities, like golfing, fishing, skiing and so on, are allowed. The isolation of hunting seems unreasonable.

As you probably know, hunting and associated industries are the largest financial supporters of wildlife conservation throughout the United States, contributing billions of dollars to habitat conservation and wildlife management. We all have a vested interest in preserving our country’s outdoor heritage.

If you’re interested in increasing hunting opportunities in Virginia and across the country, we encourage you to weigh in by contacting the appropriate committee members in the Virginia Senate ahead of Monday’s hearing. Their names and numbers are listed below. 

Virginia State Senate ? Agriculture, Conservation and Natural Resources Committee
Chair: Patricia Ticer – (804) 698-7530

Mary Margaret Whipple – (804) 698-7531
Emmett Hanger – (804) 698-7524
John Watkins – (804) 698-7510
WM. Roscoe Reynolds – (804) 698-7520
Phillip Puckett – (804) 698-7538
Frank Ruff – (804) 698-7515
Harry Blevins – (804) 698-7514
Mark Obenshain – (804) 698-7526
Ryan McDougle – (804) 698-7504
Donald McEachin – (804) 698-7509
Chap Petersen – (804) 698-7534
Ralph Northam – (804) 698-7506
Richard Stuart – (804) 698-7528
David Marsden – (804) 698-7537

Please join Cabela’s as well as Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell, WInded Bowhunter, the National Rifle Association, Pheasants Forever, the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the Mule Deer Foundation and Safari Club International in supporting this initiative.

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