Western Bear Foundation Commissioner Tag Fundraising Raffle

Check out the 2021 Fundraising Raffle!

We hope you have a chance to support the Western Bear Foundation and their work on the ground by buying a raffle ticket.

1st Winner
Your choice of deer, elk, or antelope tag in any open unit for Wyoming’s 2021 hunting season. You pick a species and the unit and you can hunt. No waiting to accumulate points! This is your chance at a trophy of a lifetime from one of Wyoming’s premier units!

2nd Winner
Western Bear Foundation Custom Browning X-Bolt Long Range – .300PRC

3rd Winner
Complete Stone Glacier M5 Series Rain Gear-Jacket & Pant

4th Winner
Custom Western Bear Foundation 75qt Big Frig Cooler

Only 300 tickets will be sold!

You have greater odds in this raffle than in most draws.
*Western Bear Foundation will cover the Non-Resident tag fees for the winner if out of state. Please share with everyone you can, before these ticket sell out!

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