What Are Your Thoughts of a Minimum Age For Hunting? – UPDATED


Photo by WhoWatches

Photo by WhoWatches


While this article has some good points, I do think that it raises several other questions. Where were the parents? Should there be a minimum age? If so, what would be a viable one 9, 13 or 15? You can drive a car in some states at the age of 16! Should there be signs on every trail and parking lot of every public land that you can hunt and trap on, that state “Hunters in the woods”?  Should the public educate themselves a little?

There are a ton of these questions running through my mind!

While this is a horrible tragedy, shouldn’t every person that plans on shooting their weapon “know their target”? 

Read the article here and I would love to see your thoughts and comments!

**UPDATE: Here is an article from the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance on this issue.

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