What it takes to be “The Carbon Arrow Experts” Victory Archery

Victory Archery LogoCarlsbad, CA – Victory Archery lives by the phrase “The Carbon Arrow Experts” but what defines being labeled as the expert in a saturated market? Victory Archery is the only vertically integrated company in the arrow industry. Being owned by Mitsubishi, Victory is able to produce its own carbon fiber prepreg (the raw carbon and resin fabric that arrows are made from). With exclusive access to the most sophisticated materials and resins used in the design and construction of aerospace vessels, luxury cars, golf shafts and much more, Victory has a strong advantage over the competition.

Having access to superior supply chains and technology allows Victory Archery to prototype faster and with more technologically advanced materials than the competition. In the past ten years in business, Victory has released on average 2-3 new arrows per year (not including OEM shafts) with tremendous growth in sales – making Victory the fastest growing arrow company on the market.

“Everyone in the Victory headquarters lives and breathes archery and bowhunting. Having access to the technology at Mitsubishi allows us to pioneer new designs and offer features that continue to revolutionize industry standards. From the spine aligned VAP Elite ±.001” Micro diameter arrow where it all started, to the Xtorsion carbon stainless steel infused shafts we just launched – Victory is making big moves, and we have fixed our sights on something really innovative for the target world next…Whether it’s arrow batch weights within ±.05 grains, our ICE™ nano-ceramic coating, spine alignment or hand fletched helical arrows – we strive to be the experts. It doesn’t matter what style hunting or target shooting you prefer, we have an arrow diameter and weight for you. When you put that term “Expert” in your tagline, you better have the proof to back it up.” Says Jayson Bentcik, National Sales Manager for Victory Archery.

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