What the Loss of the Heritage Fund Means to Arizona and You


The Arizona Game and Fish Department will hosted a public presentation and live webcast on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010 to discuss the potential ramifications to Arizona from a proposed elimination of the Heritage Fund.

The state of Arizona faces a formidable budget deficit, and options to balance the budget are becoming more limited. On January 15, the Governor’s office released a budget plan to resolve a nearly $5 billion deficit for fiscal years 2010 and 2011. The plan proposes to permanently take the Department’s $10 million Heritage Fund. This proposed fund reduction would begin with $5 million in the current fiscal year, continue with the full $10 million for fiscal year 2011 begin July 1, 2010, and would permanently redirect all Arizona State Lottery revenue (the source of the Heritage Fund) into the state’s general fund The Department’s Heritage Fund provides essential funding for conserving Arizona’s wildlife and is one of their primary funding sources. This loss would impact Arizona’s economy and its diverse wildlife and reduce outdoor recreation opportunities.

You can go the AGFD website (http://azgfd.gov/) and click on the Bald Eagle, this will give you some additional information.

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