Who Is Willi Schmidt

Willi Schmidt may not a household name nor have you seen him in many magazines. But, he is truly dedicated to Pure Hunting!

Willi was raised in an active outdoor home. His father was a wildlife biologist and he would join his father in the field. Willi began hunting at the age of 14 and has never looked back.

Willi took up archery late in his hunting career, but once he went, he was hooked! Coincidentally, Willi and I both started bowhunting the same year; the difference was bowhunting was my introduction to the sport of hunting, as I was not raised in a hunting household.

Since then he has taken some great animals across the great nation. His greatest hunting achievement was his 2010 archery Bighorn Sheep.

Willi Schmidt 2010 Colorado

The weapon of choice for Willi is the bow. This is due to the excitement and challenge of getting in close to the animal he is chasing. His 2012 rig setup will be:
Bowtech Insanity CPX
Spott Hogg Seven Deadly Pins
Spott Hogg Wise Guy Release
Trophy Ridge Smackdown Rest
Grim Reaper Broadheads

Willi’s favorite style of hunting in the bivvy style hunt for elk in the Aspens and dark timer of the steepest mountains chasing elk.

I asked Willie, what are 5 must have gear items that he takes on every hunt. He responded with:
Bowtech Bow
Bow Release
Jetboil Stove
Rain Gear

While Willi is a humble guy, he is not the kind of guy to push things under the rug. He is willing to learn from his mistakes and better from them. Most of you may be shocked to know that Willi is a HUGE golf fanatic! When he is not hunting or working around his show, he is on golf course sending golf balls down range instead of arrows!

Willi has some exciting hunts lined up for his 2012 season. Here is some of what he has planned:
DIY Caribou Hunt in Alaska
Antelope in Colorado
Elk in Colorado
Elk in Wyoming
Deer in South Dakota
Whitetail in Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas

Willi has been asked to be the co-host of Mike Hanback’s new series, “Big Deer”. Willi filmed three hunts in the fall of 2011 and these episodes will air in 3rd and 4th quarter of the Sportsman Channel in 2012.

Pure Hunting is not your “cookie cutter” hunting show. In that it’s not all about the “horn port”, it’s about the adventure and commoradere! To back this up the show will air hunts when all Willi had to show for it was tag soup. And he will air every hunter’s nightmare, but it is the fact and reality of hunting. The show is edited in a way that it does not cut away from the hunt to provide you with an “infomercial” on a product. The show is filmed and edited as the hunt played out with voice overs and or the hunter talking to the camera.

Willi and Brad

Willi’s expectation of the show is to show that hunting can still be affordable with some homework and DIY preparation. He hopes that the show will become one that viewers will talk about share with their friends and will watch for years to come.

“Pure Hunting” will debut Wednesday night (March 28th) at 8 & 11pm EST on the Sportsman Channel, so set those DVRs!

The trailer for Pure Hunting can be seen at http://purehunting.truesightmedia.com as well as the treatment for the series.

Head on over to their Facebook Page and show them some support!

Willi Scmidt with Sam
Willi in 2010 with his frist elk

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