Who Likes Superior Warmth While Hunting?

Sitka Gear Fanatic with Primaloft 1

Have you ever been in a treestand and your body gets so cold that the tree starts you, the treestand and the entire treestand shaking?! I haven’t had this issue for several years now thanks to PrimaLoft and Sitka Gear.

I am fortunate enough to hunt all year long, even during the cold winter months of November through March. Needless to say, I put some serious hours on stand. This takes a different kind of toughness to endure this kind of cold 15+ feet in the air. What makes this hostile environment worse is trying to draw your bow back after sitting on stand and completely still for several hours. You muscles nearly lock up! If you add wind and or rain, this just increases most hunter’s chances of heading home to watch reruns of their favorite hunting shows on TV.

Some of you are thinking to yourselves, “Yep, that’s me!” So, how do I combat from shivering and nearly falling off stand? Sound the trumpets…the combination of Sitka Gear and PrimaLoft are the vital pieces for me! I have already used the Sitka Gear Fanatic pieces about a dozen sets on stand as I type this and the rut revving up. I have had myriad of weather conditions thus far with mornings in the mid-twenties, to windy, to light rain and heavy wet snow.

Most of you either use or at least heard of Sitka Gear. Sitka Gear is a performance layering system of hunting clothes and gear which utilizes performance fabrics for the most adverse hunting conditions to improve your hunt. Not to mention that it’s the only clothing line to utilize GORE OPTIFADE Concealment.

For those of you that have never heard of PrimaLoft insulation, it was originally developed for the U.S. Army as a water resistant alternative to down, is globally recognized as the world’s best synthetic insulation. The specific product, PrimaLoft SPORT used in Sitka Gear is a premium performance insulation engineered for superior warmth, water resistance, loft, softness and compressibility.

PrimaLoft SPORT  PrimaLoft SPORT Performance

The current Sitka Gear pieces utilizing PrimaLoft are listed below:
Fanatic Jacket

Sitka Gear Fanatic with Primaloft 2

Sitka Gear Fanatic Set in action!

Fanatic Bib
Kelvin Vest
Sitka Gear Kelvin Jacket
Kelvin Pant
Incinerator Mitt

I will provide a follow-up on my testing results of my Sitka Gear Fanatic system in the March-April time, after I put many more hours on stand.

Sitka Athlete Jeff Simpson discusses Sitka’s Flagship Whitetail piece, the new Fanatic Jacket.


Now that I have had some time to reflect on this past winter’s hunting, I wanted to update you on the my experience with the Fanatic Jacket. I believe this is the first year that I was not cold on stand, and even hunted longer for each sit and more days!

I had 5 consecutive days of hunting from dark to dark on stand and the temps were in the single digits and low teens every morning, with the high about freezing. The hunts were part of a state operation, so they wanted us on stand all day. One of the benefits of this hunt was we didn’t have to drag our deer far, we were just required to drag them to a pickup point with our tag on them and get back in stand. As the state officials with pick them up for us every few hours and hang them up for us to pick up at the end of the day. I mention this as there were two very cold days that started in the single digit temps and topped out near twenty degrees. The first day, I hunted all day as expected. But, when I returned to the check out post with the state officials, they all had this strange look on their faces. At first, I thought it was the GORE OPTIFADE pattern! The conservation officers asked me if I was okay, if I had my wits about me. Then, they asked what I was doing out there all day? I quickly replied, “Hunting”! They responded with, “didn’t you get cold”? I said no and I am truly impressed with my Sitka Gear Fanatic Jacket and bibs with my Sitka Gear Kelvin Jacket and pants! They said, all of the other hunters checked out by eleven am due to they were cold. There were nearly thirty hunters on this project. The officials requested more info on my gear, which I gladly provided them.

So, now with my setup I can hunt longer on stand without fidgeting like a third grader after eating a king sized Snickers bar washed down with a Mtn Dew!

To sum up my new winter apparel arsenal, I am stoked and a true believer in Sitka Gear’s designs and PrimLoft’s technologies!

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  1. Winded Bowhunter says

    Been on stand, for nearly 2hrs, with the temp at 25°. Just practiced drawing on 2 young bucks, without issue. I think its because i am comfortably warm in my Sitka Gear Fanatic!