Winded Bowhunter Continues Partnership with Global Rescue

Global Rescue For HuntersWinded Bowhunter is excited to announce its continued partnership with Global Rescue, the leading provider of medical advisory, field rescue and medical evacuation services for hunters.

“As a lifelong outdoorsman, I know that Global Rescue is the only choice to provide global travelers, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts with the protection they need while in the backcountry. Although hunting accidents are rare, many outdoorsmen travel hundreds, if not thousands of miles from home in search of their dream trophy. If something goes wrong in the field, getting themselves home can cost upwards of $100,000. Global Rescue has the unique ability to rescue its members from anywhere in the world, no matter how remote they may be, and evacuate them to their home hospital of choice. I highly recommend that anyone traveling to hunt purchase a membership.”

Rudy Hassall

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Medical, Security, Advisory and Evacuation Services.
1. UNPARALLELED MEDICAL CONSULTATIVE SERVICES: Global Rescue has an exclusive relationship with Johns Hopkins Medicine, repeatedly ranked #1 by the U.S. News and World Report since 1990. As a result, Global Rescue is able to provide our members with world class medical advice in real time, no matter where they are.

2. CHOICE: Global Rescue empowers our members to decide when and where they are transported. Members are transported any time they are more than 160 miles from home and have a condition that requires inpatient hospitalization. Unlike insurance companies or platinum credit cards, Global Rescue allows our members to be transported to any hospital they choose, rather than only to the nearest “appropriate” hospital for “adequate” care.

3. FIELD RESCUE: Global Rescue is the only company that transports patients from the site of illness or injury to the nearest hospital or to a waiting aircraft. Other companies generally transport from hospital to hospital.

4. DEPLOYABLE PERSONNEL: Global Rescue is the only company that has the ability to deploy medical and security personnel to our members. Our qualifications are unmatched in the industry:

a. MEDICAL TEAMS: Led by experienced paramedics, our deployable medical teams are proficient in operating in remote regions and consist of search and rescue personnel, special operations medics, and flight nurses and physicians. Additionally, they often deploy to serve as bedside medical advocates when one of our members is hospitalized or requires medical evacuation.
b. SECURITY EVACUATION: Global Rescue is the only company that will take you to safety if there is a natural disaster, political disturbance, you are forced to leave the country or if you are in imminent danger of grievous bodily harm.

5. GLOBAL HOSPITAL NETWORK: Global Rescue maintains a database of more than 5,000 hospitals, including International Centers of Excellence with relationships with Johns Hopkins and other top ranked U.S. medical institutions. When requested, we refer members to English-speaking physicians and provide emergency case management services. No other company has an international hospital network of this scope and quality.

6. TRAVEL INTELLIGENCE: Global Rescue utilizes best-in-class intelligence resources, compiled by former NSA analysts. Our members have 24-hour access to Country Intelligence Reports detailing crime, terror risk, weather, medical information, and other potential threats to traveler’s safety.

Global Rescue

About Global Rescue

Global Rescue provides worldwide advisory, field rescue and evacuation services. Members can choose to be protected against both medical and security emergencies.

From memberships starting at just $119, Global Rescue will arrange and pay for a field rescue from the member’s point of illness or injury and evacuate them to their home hospital of choice.

In addition, Global Rescue’s team of paramedics and physicians, supported by Johns Hopkins Medicine, the top-ranked hospital in the U.S., is on hand to provide 24-hour medical advice wherever you are in the world.

In complex cases requiring hospitalization overseas, Global Rescue paramedics are often deployed to provide bedside medical assistance for our members.

Global Rescue is recognized as the only provider that truly meets the needs of travelling sportsmen and is the proud partner of most of the industry’s leading agents and outfitters.

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