You Are Nothing In GORE OPTIFADE

I have been using the GORE OPTIFADE Concealment patterns for a few years now. By now most of you have seen or at least have heard of Ortifade. There are 3 GORE OPTIFADE Concealment patters as you read this. There is the OPTIFADE Open Country, OPTIFADE Forest and OPTIFADE Marsh which will be released in or around June. On this article we will primarily focus on the OPTIFADE Forest pattern, which was designed specifically for treestand hunters. But, if you are interested in the OPTIFADE Marsh pattern, you get more information here.

Human observation has never been the priority in the development any of the GORE Optifade Concealment pattersn. It is the science of becoming nothing to eyes of ungulates! Unlike OPTIFADE Open Country which is optimized horizontally for backcountry hunters and for ranges of 35 yards and beyond at ground level. On the other hand OPTIFADE Forest is optimized for tree stand hunters who hunt in wooded environments ranges of under 20 yards and from elevated positions.

Lt. Col. Tim O’Neill (Father of digital camouflage design) quote:  “Do you want to break-up the shape or match your surroundings? The answer is yes!”

Neat little game called spot the hunter

I am fortunate enough to be in the whtitetail woods all year long. So, I can truly be on stand in all 4 seasons. This entails trees budding, full with leaves, the leaves changing colors, without leaves and snow! With this time, I am not only helping managed deer herds but testing gear for the outdoorsman.  In the 16 months, that I have been wearing Sitka Gear in Optifade Forest I have seen more deer and gotten away with more movement. This includes me climing into and out of my stannds. I have flat out wave-stop-wave at passing deer. While they stop to look for the movement, they must shrug it off to a bird in flight as they keep walking. This has allowed me fill my freezer, my friends freezers and provide a lot of venison for those families in need thanks to Hunters For The Hungry.

Remember, GORE OPTIFADE is “NOT” mimicry camouflage, it is concealment!

I would highly recommend that you consider start building your Sitka Gear aresonal today. While this article covered the Optifade concealemnt pattern, the Sitka Gear designs, cuts and fabrics make this clothing, GEAR! You don’t have to go all in at one time, Sitka Gear on the selection of pieces that will best suite your needs.


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