Zeiss TERRA ED Binoculars

Zeiss TERRA ED BinocularsNORTH CHESTERFIELD, VA.- Carl Zeiss Sports Optics, the world’s leading manufacturer in high performance sports optics, is pleased to introduce TERRA ED, a new line of optics that combines all the benefits of quality German engineering and design with all the performance and features you’ve come to expect from ZEISS.

Introducing TERRA ED Binoculars, a new line of premium optics that combines the benefits of legendary German design and engineering with the performance features you’ve come to expect from ZEISS – all
at an incredible value. TERRA EDoffers best-in-class image quality, even in low light, when wildlife is more active. With comfortable ergonomics, and lightweight and waterproof construction, TERRA ED binoculars are built to handle, whatever you might encounter in the field, and are fully backed by ZEISS’ limited lifetime transferable warranty to give you a little extra peace of mind. With TERRA ED, legendary ZEISS quality is now within every birder and wildlife observers’ range.

“We are thrilled to offer our third ZEISS series of binoculars to the market at a price that puts them within reach of most birders, especially youth birders,” said Mike Jensen, President of Carl Zeiss Sports Optics. “Carl Zeiss is the leader in world class premium birding optics, but we have to be realists when servicing the American birder. We are listening to what this market is asking for and delivering outstanding TERRA ED optical products at incredibly competitive price points. TERRA ED will bring the ZEISS brand as an additional choice of optics to millions more who love birding and nature observation in the U.S.”

With its compact and lightweight design, rugged construction, comfortable ergonomics and wide field of view, the 8×42 is the ideal companion for birders and observers who demand quality optics.

With the 10×42, we have added magnification without adding extra weight. For situations in the field that call for a closer look at the fine details of birds, the 10×42 delivers bright, crisp images, even in low light.

TERRA ED 8×42: $388.00

TERRA ED 10×42: $443.00

ZEISS Category Breakdown:

/// VICTORY: Super Premium Optics. Made and handcrafted in Germany. Exceptional in every way.

// CONQUEST: Premium Optics. Made or Assembled in Germany. Exceptional Quality, Exceptional Value.

/ TERRA: Premium Optics. Designed and quality assured by ZEISS. High performance. Great Value.

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